Travelling with Special Needs and Food Requirements

Ideally, a well planned vacation is stress free – after all, isn’t that why so many of us travel? A little getaway from the every day, time to decompress, relax, have fun, and reconnect.

When you travel with children with special dietary and medical needs it can throw a whole layer of complexity into your planning. As a parent of a son with Autism who is an incredibly picky eater, and has anxiety around new activities and places, considering his needs and priorities in the planning of our trips is an absolute must.  We have found this letter to be incredibly helpful, and I hope you can use it in your travels to ease some of the stress that can accompany new situations and environments.

My oldest son also has life-threatening food allergies, and this can be a great source of stress for all of us when travelling, especially in areas where there is a language barrier.

Over time we have learned some practical and simple ways to make travelling safe and enjoyable for both our children and their special needs while not at home.

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