Canadian Travel

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Canada, and in Southern Ontario you can enjoy the best of metropolitan cities, quaint small towns, and everything in between — right in your own backyard.

If you are looking for a wintertime adventure in Toronto, check out my post about our staycation at the Toronto Harbourfront.

There are lots of great beaches in Southern Ontario, and our family has made it a mission to get to know the best of them. One of our favourite beachside places to visit is Bayfield, on the shores of Lake Erie.

Everyone has a different idea of what ‘Camping’ is, whether it means a fully stocked cooler and a comfortable RV, or roughing it in the wilderness with nothing but a pack on your back. Our family camping trips fall somewhere in between, and our favourite place is Rockwood Conservation Area.

Cottage life is a key part of being an Ontarian. When you do not have one or the means to rent one (they can be quite pricey even to rent), a great option for a taste of the cottage is to visit one of the terrific resorts in the Muskokas, like Deerhurst Resort.

When our family is looking for a short daytime getaway and to reconnect with nature, our favourite thing to do is find a new place for an easy hike. The only criteria is that it has an easy to follow path, beautiful setting, and ideally near water. Some of our favourites are Tiffany Falls, Tews Falls, Devils Punch Bowl, Elora Gorge, Elora Quarry, and Rattlesnake Point.


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