Elora Gorge

In the Elora Gorge is located in the Grand River valley and is a beautiful and rugged spot for hiking, kayaking, and tubing. The Grand River flows through 22-metre high cliffs, and is surrounded by riverside trails and scenic overlooks.

We spent the day there hiking and people-watching at a spot close to the river. There is so much to explore here, and when you get down to the river bed you get a close view of the spot where tubers descend out of the relative calm waters into some really intense rapids.

If you are thinking about going tubing, a great idea would be to hike the trail first, and watch for a while in this spot. I had debated about whether my two boys were old enough to brave this adventure, and after watching several people get overturned from their tubes decided we (I) aren’t quite ready for that kind of adventure.

Regardless, even without the tubing this place is a perfect spot for a day of hiking and outdoor adventure.

Lots of information on the Grand River Conservation Authority site if you are interested in visiting.



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