Planning a vacation is not an easy task. As a woman/mom/wife there is lots to consider when planning a holiday: Value for money, safety, fun factor for everyone, and living up to the expectations when the vacation time finally arrives.

Taking in the fountains at Bellagio – Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Our family loves to discover new places, near and far. I am drawn to water — it is where I am happiest and am most at peace, which is of course why I chose to spend most of my vacation time gravitating to it.  We’re also an adventurous family, love excitement, discovering new places, the outdoors, and the occasional big city trip.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

Based in Southern Ontario, and a Sun-Seeker by heart, my travels are mostly warm-climate experiences as our family ventures out of the cold Canadian winters. What you’ll also find in my blog are some tips for families with children who have Autism, Food Allergies, and Special Diets.

Our family loves the arts. With a husband who is in a tribute band for his ‘hobby’ (read: part-time job on top of a full time career), we get the chance to visit new places to experience his shows. This gives us a unique opportunity to see bars, music venues, and nightlife we wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to as married late 30-somethings of pre-teen kids.

Deerhurst Resort – Huntsville, Ontario Canada


My love of reading and the written word brought me to a career as a manager of a cultural department store selling books and lifestyle gifts.  I average reading a book a day while on holidays, and will share those great vacation reads with you – because there is nothing quite like unwinding with a really good book.

Some of my favourite things – Riviera Maya, Mexico

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” 

Safe travels,